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Mar 31, 2023

Are you living on purpose? Today's guest, Beth Townsend, shares the importance of living your mission with intentionality. 

On her own since 17 years old right out of high school, Beth had no choice but to go to work. Starting as a property manager in Virginia, the climbed the corporate ladder and became a young executive working as VP of Operations for a Real Estate Company in Atlanta. Eventually becoming a trainer for the industry, Beth was asked one question numerous times that changed the course of her her life. "How did you know your purpose?" In her twenties, she had no clue about her purpose!  Realizing the depth of the question led her on a spiritual journey that continues today. Since 2001, she has been interviewing "on purpose" people with the goal of learning how to share with others how to live a purposeful life. From her book "Life on Purpose", she gleaned 9 "Purpose Principles" that she has found can help anyone learn to be led so they can effectively lead others. Whether at work, in ministry, or home, we all must set parameters for our life so we can do what God has called us to do with passion, while also realizing we were never called to "do it all." Purpose is a mindset where passion lives, faith thrives, and God's will is accomplished in the life of every Believer!  Life on Purpose TV won 23 awards in 2020 and 2021, including Best Host, Best Show, Best Director, and Most Inspirational. Beth also hosts a Show on Christian Mix 106, and is an excellent speaker and Life Coach. Her most recent award is the 2021 Christian Literary Awards, Testimonials, Justified by Grace. 

Beth shares how she chose the topic because she struggled with purpose herself. Townsend declares that your life matters. We often fumble with questions and struggles over identity, which leads to the topic of purpose. 
Beth shares the following key points:
  • Living on purpose requires intention. 
  • We want the story of our lives to be a legacy.
  • Planning and prevention set up a proactive approach.
  • You can choose what to do with your life.

We discuss how purpose involves personal responsibility, differentiating it from the concept of destiny.

Beth shares scriptural references to choosing our self-talk and renewing our minds. She describes the process of fulfilling our purpose as a balance of plan and surrender. We can trust God when our plans don't go as we hoped. Townsend refers to a celebrity interview, in which her guest recommended praying without being married to preconceived outcomes. 

Beth declares that today matters and everything we do is important. The world is suffering, and believers are the solution. She encourages listeners to pay attention to who God might put in their paths. 

Townsend shares the following steps toward living on purpose:

  1. Ask God. Get your concerns and thoughts out, preferably on paper, and lay them before God.
  2. Weigh whether the thoughts and ideas are from God or not.
  3. Ask yourself if you can commit to excellence on the endeavor.

Beth emphasizes that we can choose our disposition, which leads to character training. She encourages us to take the presence of Jesus with us everywhere we go. 

Townsend notes that we don't always know God's plan, but he will redirect us by closing doors when needed. 

Beth shares her personal journey of waiting fifteen years between God's call to write a book and its publication. She explains that God gives us a dream. What changes during the waiting season is what's inside us. After our growth, we are ready to fulfill our purpose.

Townsend states that purpose is a process, not just a destination. She emphasizes we need to believe our life has meaning and purpose. As we let Christ live through us, we can change the world.

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