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Sep 29, 2023

On this episode of Flourish-Meant, join host Tina Yeager and special guest Cally Logan as they delve into the topic of "Dear Future Husband." Cally highlights the importance of listening to God and investing in a relationship with Him. She shares her own practices, such as specific times for worship, intercession, and requests, as well as the significance of just listening to God. They encourage listeners to use their gifts and talents in their current situations and to discuss with God how He wants them to utilize these abilities.

Cally Logan is the author of two books, Dear Future Husband: A Love Letter Journey While Waiting For God’s Best and Hang in There, Girl!. She is a senior writer for and a 12th grade U.S. History teacher, in addition to serving as a mentor to several young women. She resides in Richmond, VA.

Cally emphasizes the importance of being vulnerable and prayerful in preparing for their future spouse, sharing how they have started praying for their future spouse regularly. They explain how writing letters has helped them feel safe in sharing vulnerable thoughts and emotions, as they believe it is important to be able to share those things with their future spouse. The speaker also shares their insights on discernment and seeking God's guidance in relationships, whether they are with friends or potential dating partners.

Throughout the episode, the speaker shares various stories and biblical examples to illustrate the waiting process and the importance of surrendering to God's work. They discuss the character-building aspects of waiting, referencing the experiences of Joseph and how his time in captivity and managing resources prepared him for his future role.

In addition, the speaker emphasizes the value of writing letters to future spouses, future selves, and future children as a way of capturing memories and personal growth. They discuss the importance of community and being discerning about who one spends time with, as well as the impact of conversations at work.

The podcast episode acknowledges the challenges faced by single women and encourages listeners to be honest with God about their feelings and to trust in His plan. The speaker candidly shares their own journey and reflections, including how they realized they had made getting married almost an idol before a loving friend called them out on it.

Throughout the episode, the speaker continually emphasizes the need to have our hearts in the right place, to trust in God's timing, and to place our disappointments before Him. They express gratitude for God's love and ability to solve any problem, trusting that His best will exceed our own ideas of what is best.

Tune in to this episode of Flourish-Meant with Tina Yeager and Cally Logan as they navigate the complexities of waiting, relationships, and trusting God's perfect timing. Discover the wisdom and insights shared in this thought-provoking conversation on "Dear Future Husband."


Quote: "I wanted to share some of the ever-changing things in my world with him."
— Cally Logan [00:01:12 → 00:02:15]
Trusting God's Timing: "I trust God more, and I know he's not forgotten. I know this isn't a no, it's just a not yet. And when he does bring those things forward, it's going to be all the more marvelous."
— Cally Logan [00:04:21 → 00:06:32]
The Power of Surrender: "We have to let him have his way. We can't call the shots. We have to just take that next step of obedience and whatever that looks like."
— Cally Logan [00:08:13 → 00:09:39]
The Dangers of Making Marriage an Idol: "I had kinda made getting married almost an idol...I was putting his promise as an idol between God and me...I have made it an idol, and I don't want to do that anymore."
— Cally Logan [00:10:07 → 00:11:47]
"Wait well" means being intentional with our time and investing it wisely. This includes writing letters to future spouses or children, documenting our growth and lessons learned. It also means being discerning with our relationships, and surrounding ourselves with godly and encouraging individuals. Investing in church, family, career, and seeing our current circumstances as a mission field are all ways to wait well.
— Cally Logan [00:13:25 → 00:15:19]
Practicing Listening and Using Your Gifts: "I think there really needs to be time and focused on just listening and allowing him to speak to us. And perhaps putting an idea or spark of an idea that's something that we wouldn't have even guessed for ourselves and then seeking that out, searching that out and seeing that maybe he does have a specific thing to say about it."
— Cally Logan [00:16:34 → 00:18:50]
Prayerful Preparation for a Future Spouse: "I think one of the biggest things I realized is that's open this to inviting me to be a little more vulnerable. but also to be prayerfully minded to really train for my future spouse."
— Cally Logan [00:19:57 → 00:22:33]
Healthy Communication in Relationships: "What are ways we could have good, healthy communication to come towards compromise so that no one feels that they got the short end of the stick, But instead, they feel like, you know, I felt really heard. And I felt really known, and I felt like my opinion mattered, and we came to this new tradition of the payment to this this new understanding or this great, healthy communication to find a solution without they're having to be an argument or upset or anything else."
— Cally Logan [00:23:04 → 00:24:28]
The Gift of Time: "I think I would just really wanna encourage listeners that the time no time is wasted by God. And even if you feel like you're behind while your friends are married and they're having kids and things like that, it doesn't mean that you somehow woke up too late for the school bus, and you missed it."
— Cally Logan [00:25:22 → 00:27:28]
The Desire of Young Men: "I think young men have this desire in their heart...they wanna share their lives with somebody."
— Cally Logan [00:27:37 → 00:28:36]

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