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Mar 22, 2024

Welcome back to Flourish-Meant, the podcast where we explore the crossroads of well-being, purpose, and philanthropy. I'm your host, Tina Yeager, and in this episode, we're diving into the inspiring world of healthy living for a cause.
Joining us is a fascinating guest, Tim Eaton, co-founder of NutraMedix, a trailblazing company that not only provides high-quality herbal supplements but also operates with a mission that transcends profit. Tim, a former missionary pilot turned CEO, shares his journey from distributing a few health products to becoming a pivotal figure in fostering relationships and promoting wellness.
We'll walk through the jungles of Peru, where deep-seated relationships paved the way for success in the demanding health industry and gave rise to top-tier products like the phenomenal Samento. Listen in as we talk about the power of natural plants, the vitality in remote tribes compared to modern civilization, and how supplements like GlucoMedix could support our metabolic health.
Discover how NutraMedix stands by the safety and efficacy of their offerings, which are a result of stringent research with no toxicity. We'll also unpack the 'why' behind business and health, and learn about the significant impact Tim's company has on Christian ministries through the generous donation of at least half their profits.
I'm excited for you to hear Tim's miraculous stories of providence and philanthropy totaling over $16 million in donations, and how a commitment to well-being can indeed foster a cause far greater than ourselves. So make sure to visit my link to the NutraMedix website for a special discount, follow their updates, and stay tuned right here on Flourish-Meant.
Let's flourish together.

🌟 **Key Takeaways from the Episode:**

**Introduction to Tim Eaton and NutraMedix**

- Background of Tim Eaton as a former missionary pilot

- Transition from missionary work to founding NutraMedix

- The role of relationship building in Peru for business success

- NutraMedix's commitment to producing clean and efficacious products for health support

- The company's growth and dedication to funding ministries through profits

**Relationship Between Healthy Living Products and Ministry**

- The core mission of NutraMedix to support health and charity

- Details on NutraMedix's business practice of donating over 50% of profits to Christian charities

- The interplay of healthy living with the company's larger purpose of Gospel impact

- Tim Eaton's belief in aligning business principles with the word of God

**Samento: A Breakthrough Product**

- The story of how Samento turned around the company

- NutraMedix's discovery and success with the rare cat's claw variety

- Introduction of GlucoMedix and its role in metabolic health

- Tim Eaton's personal use of natural products

**Natural Remedies and Their Impact**

- Challenges faced by tribal people and their reliance on natural plants

- Emphasis on the safety and toxicity studies conducted by NutraMedix

**The Philosophy of God-Centered Business**

- Tim Eaton's perspective on business as God's business

- Instances of divine provision within NutraMedix's journey

- How the company's success has funded global ministries

- Understanding the "why" behind business and healthy living

**Engagement and Outreach**

- The importance of consumer research on health products

- How to stay connected with NutraMedix through various channels

- Encouragement for listeners to support personal health and generosity

**Product Safety and Efficacy**

- Safety concerns when sourcing supplements

- The advantage of using whole plant extracts

- An overview of the range of products offered by NutraMedix

**Charitable Commitments and Company Growth**

- The miraculous stories leading to charitable work and health support

- Financial contributions to ministries arising from product sales

- Tim Eaton's reflections on the unexpected success of the business

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