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Jun 17, 2022

Are you living your moments? How do we live in order to finish our days with a "good death?"

Dr. Pamela Pyle shares profound insights from her experience as a physician in Rwanda and the United States when working with terminal patients.

Dr. Pamela Pyle is a Board-Certified Internal Physician, chairman of Africa New Life Ministries, national/international speaker, and host of the Hope for Every Season podcast. She is also a regular contributor for outlets such as  The Epoch Times and Christian Post,
As a doctor to terminally ill patients for 30+ years, Dr. Pyle has had countless end-of-life conversations both in state-of-the-art hospitals in the US and in more nascent clinics in Rwanda. In 2018 a dying patient comforted her with the words, “It’s okay, I am going to have a good death.” Her peace through her suffering inspired Dr. Pyle's quest for the answers to the question, “What are the ingredients of a good death?” 
A Good Death is Not an Event, it’s a Lifestyle is the message of the ingredients and her tool for evangelism through sharing her best death found in Jesus Christ. Dr. Pyle’s hope is that the ingredients for a good death make one's suffering a little less and their joy a little more.

We discuss the ways we get distracted by urgency and miss the most important moments and features in our lives. Dr. Pyle asks herself three questions to keep herself aligned with living a meaningful life:

  • Am I truly living my moments?
  • Am I fully breathing my purpose?
  • Am I confident of my destination?

Pamela illustrates these principles of living with true meaning through sharing insights learned from patients as well as her own experiences.

She emphasizes the power of focusing our full attention on those with whom we have opportunities to spend our time. Noticing and edifying others with genuineness is encouraged. Dr. Pyle notes how living our moments today prepares us for a good death in the future.

Pamela states that living intentionally hinges upon relational mindfulness. She recommends random kindness as a daily goal. Dr. Pyle also emphasizes the need to watch others' expressions to fully understand how we impact their hearts. 

Pamela encourages listeners to understand discovering purpose as a process that requires listening to the Holy Spirit while remaining trustworthy in each small step.

The way we live determines how others experience Jesus through us. Pamela recommends following through on our purpose. She defines a "good death" as the exclamation point on a life well lived. Dr. Pyle describes a good death as a lifestyle, not an event.

Pamela shares the vital element of meaningfulness found only in Christ, who ensures us of our eternal destination.

Dr. Pyle promises to make a personal visit (during her 2022 visit to Rwanda in July and August) to any child sponsored by listeners who mention her name in an email to africanewlife at . To get a sneak peek of her book or obtain all her tips to live your best life, visit

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