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May 10, 2024

Welcome back to another inspiring episode of Flourish-Meant. I'm your host, Tina Yeager, and today we're joined by the remarkable Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels and acclaimed author and speaker. Anne's journey is one of true resilience and profound faith. From the tragic loss of her daughter and enduring personal turmoil, including abuse and battling suicidal thoughts, Anne's story is a testament to the power of healing and confession.

Anne Beiler is the founder of Auntie Anne's®, the world's largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise, and author of numerous books including The Secret Lies Within and Overcome and Lead. Anne regularly speaks to audiences worldwide, inspiring people with her authentic stories and life experiences.

In this episode, Anne shares her personal testimony and how walking in the light led to the restoration of her marriage and remarkable business success. Despite having no formal education or business plan, Anne's dedication to purpose, product, and people propelled Auntie Anne's from a small market stand to a global empire in just a few years—a success she attributes to faithfulness and trust in God during the most unpredictable outcomes.

Anne speaks openly about the role her husband, Jonas Beiler, played in her path to recovery and how their small farmers market stand in Pennsylvania blossomed into the global franchise known as Auntie Anne's. Despite lacking education, funding, and a proper business plan, the company’s focus on purpose, product, and people propelled its expansion, reaching 100 stores in just four years and establishing an international presence in Jakarta by 1995.
Anne delivers a powerful message on the importance of confession, dealing with past pain, and the unpredictability of outcomes, while underscoring the consistent faithfulness of God. She emphasizes that true leadership stems from nurturing one's internal life and distinguishes it from mere management by discussing the significance of caring for employees and prioritizing relationships over profit.

As she opens up about her internal journey, Anne emphasizes nurturing our internal life, dealing with past pain, and focusing on being good leaders by distinguishing between leadership and mere management. Her business philosophy centers on giving and ministry over profit, demonstrating the joy and blessings of generous living.

Anne's approach to business as a ministry and the joy of giving to others is a central theme, resonating with Tina’s interest in Anne’s practical tips for personal growth and her ability to inspire others to reach their full potential following the example of Jesus.

As a national speaker and someone deeply involved in LifeSurg, a company teaching financial success rooted in kingdom principles, Anne highlights her commitment to improvement and the power of change with God’s help.

In addition to her business insights, Anne reveals practical tips for personal and professional growth. We'll also discuss her books and a new cookbook, with an exclusive opportunity for our listeners to acquire signed copies.
Join us as Anne Beiler illustrates how to lead with integrity, support others to reach their potential, and embrace a life of giving. It's a conversation bathed in hope and guided by divine principles, one that will surely touch your life and inspire you to overcome and lead. Stay with us, engage with Anne's story, and discover how you can follow her ongoing journey and invite her wisdom into your life. 

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