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Jun 21, 2024

How can we put health BACK into our healthcare instead of focusing on the disease model? 

We are thrilled to present our latest episode, "Putting Health Back into Healthcare," featuring the remarkable Dr. Avery Jackson III.

Dr. Avery Jackson III is a board-certified neurosurgeon and bestselling author of the book β€˜The God Prescription.’ He is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Medical Director of the Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, P.C.. Dr. Jackson is also the trustee of The Body Healthcare (

As a leading neurosurgeon and visionary, Dr. Jackson is pioneering a transformative approach to healthcare that goes beyond traditional practices. This episode will inspire you to rethink wellness and embrace a more holistic, faith-centered approach to health.

πŸ“Š What's Inside This Episode:

- **The Impact of Relationships on Brain Development**: Dr. Jackson dives into fascinating studies that reveal the profound effects of socialization, love, and community support on our mental and emotional health.

- **Combating Stress and Trauma**: Learn about the role of oxytocin, trauma recognition, and the importance of community support, especially for children impacted by isolation.

- **Holistic Health**: Dr. Jackson discusses the benefits of holistic approaches, including THE BODY HEALTHCARE network, his recommended supplement, CardioMiracle, and his enlightening book, "The God Prescription."

✨ Key Highlights:

- **BodyHealthcare System**: Discover Dr. Jackson's revolutionary The Body Healthcare system, aimed at nurturing spiritual, emotional, and physical health through education, networking, and community support.

- **Wellness-Promoting Lifestyle Changes**: From nutrition and exercise to sleep and faith, Dr. Jackson emphasizes the crucial lifestyle changes necessary for preventing illness and enhancing overall well-being.

- **Faith-Centered Wellness**: Explore the intertwining of faith, mind, emotions, and physical health, and how this integrated approach can lead to long-lasting wellness.

**Discover More Resources:**

- **The God Prescription**: Dive deeper into Dr. Jackson's insights with his book, offering a faith-centered approach to holistic health.

- **CardioMiracle**: Get the supplement Dr. Jackson recommends for boosting both emotional and physical well-being using MY discount code TINA10 to get 10-15% OFF your order at

- **The BodyHealthcare Initiative**: Get involved with this private membership organization that champions a clinician-client protective relationship, free from big pharma and insurance constraints.

We hope this episode empowers you to take charge of your health and embrace a more integrated, compassionate approach to wellness. Remember, true health flourishes when we nurture the body, mind, and spirit in harmony.

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