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May 19, 2023

How can you thrive when facing a mental illness?
Today's guest, Katie Dale, shares personal and clinical experience to nurture empathy and resilience for those battling mental illness.
Katie Dale is no stranger to the storms of Serious Mental Illness. With personal lived experience and professional clinical background, she shares her insights to enlighten others on how to cope with and thrive despite a mental health condition.
Katie shares her personal story of suffering under the onset of bipolar disorder in her teens and the continued struggle she faced thereafter. She recounts her experience with suicidality, hospitalization, and the process of obtaining effective medication.
Dale wrote her memoir and obtained training to serve as an advocate and in a professional support role.
Katie notes the "double-whammy" of mental illness and the imperfect mental health care treatment system. She encourages those who face discrimination to stay the course and talk about their experience.
Dale offers the following tips for those facing mental illness and their family members:

Katie offers encouragement to those facing hopelessness and darkness. She offers the following insights:

  • Be aware that the onset of serious mental illness can occur in adolescence.
  • Pastors and church leaders are on the forefront, often involved in the lives of those facing mental illness before other professionals are notified.
  • Fresh Hope for Mental Health has hope coaches, and Katie serves as a hope coach herself.
  • Be aware of state and county resources.
  • Ask for a caseworker.
  • Consult a counselor in addition to psychiatric care.

Katie shares the resources she relied upon to get through her period of hopelessness and darkness:

  • Prayer support
  • People who listened, loved, and affirmed her
  • Scriptures
  • Understanding the medical and organic nature of her illness

Dale emphasizes the importance of perspective.

Katie recommends externalizing thoughts and emotions through journaling and art. 

We discuss how to respond to discrimination. Katie encourages the audience to remember they are not alone and God is in control. She also advises joining a coalition or nonprofit to activate positive change for mental health treatment. Katie notes the increased issues with homelessness for those unable to access care.

Connect with Katie at and get a copy of her memoir, But Deliver Me from Crazy, on Amazon.

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